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Volunteer Advisers are an integral part of Citizens Advice Oxford, advising clients face to face in Oxford Central Library, on the phone and by email. Once you have completed our Advice Assistant training, you can complete further training to go on to become a full Adviser.

Advisers are trained and fully supported by experienced staff, and can access regular online briefings, updates and training opportunities. We also hold in-person social events to get together with staff and other volunteers.

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I enjoy meeting and helping people and the satisfaction of problem solving. I deal with circa 18 cases per week - Employment, Family, Housing, Finance, Consumer, Immigration etc. Lots and lots of Housing Issues including tenancy deposits, repairs, possession notices etc.


Adviser Citizens Advice Oxford

Knowing that you are volunteering for an organisation that is genuinely making a difference to people's lives and the satisfaction you get from solving even the smallest problem for a client. I have learned so much during my short time with Citizens Advice, it's good to know that you can still learn new things. The volunteers and staff at CA Oxford are a really friendly and welcoming bunch which makes it a real pleasure.


Citizens Advice Oxford

I've only just started volunteering with Citizens Advice but so far love it because it keeps my brain alive! As a retired person, this is very important. I have also enjoyed meeting the staff (so far) & other volunteers of Citizens Advice and have learnt a lot already - info that's been very useful in my personal life!


Volunteer Adviser Citizens Advice Oxford

I've been volunteering for just over a year and I have really enjoyed it. My role is not client-facing, more helping the admin staff who help the volunteers. I've mostly been helping with IT, such as recreating the website so that we could host it more economically. It's great to be part of a team, and to feel that I'm making a contribution, however small, to keep the CAO show on the road. CAO is full of lovely people doing essential work in difficult times, and it's a pleasure to be part of it.


IT Volunteer Citizens Advice Oxford

I have been adviser for Oxford Citizens Advice for over twenty years. Advising can be challenging but rewarding. There have been some odd and unusual enquiries over the years. There is an excellent support network to help and in my experience although resolving issues appear on the face of it impossible there is always an answer. I often return home reflecting on the days events and realise how lucky I am.


Volunteer Adviser Citizens Advice Oxford
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